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Vahid Hallaji
Melbourne, Australia

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Vahid Hallaji

Software Developer

A full page just about me

 Life is a photo in the eyes of a photographer and that's a semicolon in mine! Because of every things ends with that. That's a type of life. My dear semicolon ;

— who I am —

My name’s Vahid Hallaji. I am a code lover, software developer and tireless seeker of knowledge. Currently, I am studying Master of IT at Monash University in Melbourne.

I founded Narmand LTD company (A team of strange dreams) with Arash Milani in 2007 and our team grew by special guys, Farzam and Touraj which has been a milestone in my professional career.

— what I do —

If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where I come in. I try to create real elegant looking apps or websites. Always keeping it clean and simple with that added functionally of user interaction you would like to see. The web moves forward quickly. So I continuously study and think about any new and crazy things on the web. I'm always active behind the software products and enjoy it.

— how I started —

Several years ago in 2002, I was surfing the world wide web and I faced with a new service named "Blogger". After registration, I visited theme edition page and at the moment I became prowler that how web pages create! I bought some HTML4 & CSS books and started to learn fast and exact.Then I heard about some crazy client side and server side programming languages and it had given me even more love to study a lot.

— what's my purpose —

I started professional career with web design and then improved myself to develop desktop & mobile software later. Also I must admit that numerous internet users and a variety of web technologies moved me to web based design and programming. It seemed very difficult at the beginning. In the first decade of 21 century, websites were not pleasant and I was feeling web pages like a draft paper. So I'm looking for a specific purpose: "Trying to improve design patterns, developing better and make people happy".

My Expertises

— Development Radar —

A chart of my activities all the time

— Workload Radar —

Which and how much I use languages, frameworks or tools in the works.

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