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Who I Am

My name is Vahid Hallaji. I am a software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia who develops web and mobile stacks. I have studied Software Engineering and Master of Information Technology at Azad University and Monash University respectively. Back in 2007, I co-founded Narmand and got a valuable experience through developing large-scale web applications for Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. Besides, I worked in a team to deliver dozens of websites and helped a few private businesses. I also attended meetups, mentored voluntarily at startup weekends, and shared my personal experience with local communities.

What I Do

I make software. If you have a project or an idea that requires co-thinking or some creative injections, then that is where you could count on me. I strive to create elegant looking apps and websites while making them simple for the end-users. There is something very satisfying about creating things. I focus on what excites me and do so with some style and passion. I am always active behind the scene of software products and enjoy programming. Currently, I am working on a brand new backend infrastructure of the employee engagement and performance management solutions at CultureAmp to amplify the experience and the impact of 100 million people at work ;⏎


December 2023

Time Flies!

I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to contact me via email or elsewhere on the web. It comes quite safe and also will be replied. Let's have a chat!

June 2021

Culture Amp

  • Helping core services team to provide shared services that improve Culture Amp's ability to build new features and to operate, maintain, and grow the platform at scale.
  • Contributed to the large portion of feature flag and toggle management project with LaunchDarkly provider including architectural decisions, flags provisioning and operations using Golang, AWS CDK and Terraform.
  • Developed wrappers for LaunchDarkly’s SDKs introducing client-side JS and React packages, and also server-side Node.js and Golang packages in order to abstract the initialisation process and create a uniform way of exposing user information back to LaunchDarkly.
  • Contributed to the development of web hooks incorporating event-driven architecture of users and accounts synchronisation from internal platform to FusionAuth using Golang, Apache Kafka and AWS stack.
  • Uplifted the existing sign-in user interface and fixed most of the stumbling blocks preventing first-time users from signing in to Culture Amp. Created a brand new mobile-first and responsive layout of Authentication UI using Next.js framework and Typescript. Conducted multiple sessions with our quality coaches and designers to ensure that the product delivered to our customers meet the quality standards.
  • Contributed to decision-making framework to discover the next React app framework, making a new push to standardise the architecture and framework of front-end apps at Culture Amp. Investigated the feasibility and adoption of Next.js and Tailwind CSS.
  • Made discoveries around Auth0 and FusionAuth authentication providers. Developed demo React applications for each provider, presented findings with frontend practice group, and tested both providers from a front-end perspective.
  • Mentored interns and new employees to give them context about Culture Amp in general and help them get successful onboarding process. The program was a good opportunity to develop my leadership skills and most importantly to amplify others.
March 2019


  • Worked on an analytics engine and monitoring tools at Bueno to shape the next generation of cloud-based analytics using Kotlin, Python, Typescript, Javascript and Google cloud platform GCP.
  • Contributed in developing a front-end asset and component library with Typescript, React.js and Styled Components to enable fast iteration and immediate integration into any product.
  • Worked in a team to deliver a large-scale issue management system and an insights monitoring tool using Typescript and internal component library with automated deployments.
  • Applied test-driven development, unit testing, integrated and end to end testing utilising Enzyme, React Testing Library, Cypress and Jest frameworks.
  • Applied a change data capture approach to offload a sizable amount of time-series data from a partitioned PostgreSQL database into the GCP BigQuery using Debezium, Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Dataflow.
  • Developed a database migration management tool in Python through versioned or repeatable data definition statements for Google BigQuery.
  • Made a fair amount of UDFs and SQL queries on BigQuery over tens of Terabytes data.
  • Developed a module in Kotlin to forecast missing data of utility consumptions.
December 2018

Monash University

  • Completed a master's in Information Technology at Monash University Caulfield campus.
  • The winner of the post-graduate industry experience in the final semester.
  • Developed a React Native app utilising Expo SDK, SQLite and Google Maps that promotes the health of children through physical activities.
  • Created a small library app for Android with Java.
  • Made a simple banking application in Java, JEE, JSF and EJB.
July 2018

Side Projects

  • Developing a cross-platform app as a side project for language learners including web, mobile and CLI notably applying Swift, Cloud Firestore, Nodejs, SQLite, Typescript, React.js and synchronised Realm Database.
August 2017

Yarra Studios

  • Made Lambda functions using Nodejs, Amazon S3, Knex.js and Request.js to crawl and migrate funds, valuations and transactions for global savings and investment provider.
  • Developed a front-end application using Vue.js, Vuex, and Axios.js, integrated the OAuth2 standard into the app, made Amazon Lambda functions as a back-end platform utilising Node.js, MySQL, Knex.js and auto migrations and finally implemented a RESTful API using Express.js to mock Amazon API gateway.
  • Delivered the Schlumberger (SLB) retirees and former employees portal to facilitate beneficiary elections using PHP, MySQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Knockout.js and jQuery.
  • Full-stack web development for a financial planner using heavily customised SaaS based on Drupal.
March 2017


  • Helped the team to develop and normalise a MySQL database of asset & work order management system and improved the data integrity.
November 2016

Monash College

  • Studied English bridging course for the postgraduate degree at Monash College.
March 2014

Azad University of Tabriz

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Tabriz campus with high distinction.
June 2013


  • Worked in a team and launched a transaction-based shopping service which makes discounts for loyal customers based on an MVC architectural pattern using Laravel framework, MySQL, pure Javascript and RequireJS.
  • Developed and supported a web-based application that provides the company with an instalments management system for housing investment and construction using a hands-on PHP framework, MySQL database and jQuery.
December 2007


  • Co-founded Narmand company with Arash Milani.
  • Was nominated as the best web designer for the most attractive and creative personal website at Iranian web festival.
  • Developed a web application for Continuing Medical Education Centre at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences through applying software development practices such as OOP, using a hands-on PHP framework, MySQL database, and Javascript in front end. It facilitates workshop registrations and gives instant access to online medical programs for 8,000 physicians, dentists, pharmacists and other members of the community.
  • Contributed to the development of an integrated library system in C#.NET, where 54,000 books registered from seven faculties of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.
  • Delivered an issue tracking system for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to help their agents and marketers ask for service.
  • Created an online booking web application, which enables the users to reserve flights, trains and hotels.
  • Created a brand new website for Neo Branding company using Wordpress, fulfilled their requirements, advised them on technical matters and put forward an effective solution.
  • Co-operated in a team to deliver dozens of websites to meet the customers' expectations.
  • Collaborated in organising the first Professional Scrum Master course in Iran.
  • Obtained Professional Scrum Master certificate PSM from Scrum Organisation.
June 2007

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

  • Designed and developed an app for research activities, Ravand, for the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences using a hands-on PHP framework, MySQL database and pure Javascript. It collects and organises the research activities of academic staff and analyses tens of thousands of research studies in an integrated system.
  • Was responsible for the fresh web design of the medical faculty’s website.
  • Implemented a simple network-based issue tracking system which enables faculty staff to report software problems or upgrade requests from their computers.
June 2006

Side Projects

  • The very first version of my website was born.
  • Created an online store which offered customers a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Designed and developed a few websites, most notably the Rahtess company and the Iranian Plastic company.
September 2003

Azad University of Shabester

  • Enrolled in Shabestar campus to study Bachelor of Software Engineering.
  • Due to the excessive pressure at work, I found it difficult to finish my studies and used an alternative exit as an associate’s degree.
April 2003

First Impression!

My passion for making software started when I happened to visit the source code of a blog back in the early 2000s. I just probed the source to satisfy my curiosity, and it continued throughout my life.

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